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  • Title: Bounty Hunters
  • Release year: 1996
  • Movie genres: Action; Drama; Comedy
  • Director: George Erschbamer
  • Actors: Michael Dudikoff, Lisa Howard, Benjamin Ratner, Erin Fitzgerald, Freddy Andreiuci, Ashanti Williams, Steve Makaj, Peter LaCroix, Michael McMillan, Gary Chalk, George Erschbamer
  • Movie length: 98 min.

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You would certainly like Bounty Hunters if you interested in watching movies of this category. It is one of the greatest movies in the Drama category and you would get a lot of fantastic emotions during watching. Steve Makaj, Erin Fitzgerald, Freddy Andreiuci are acting really great here and so many moments of the film are breathtaking. Bounty Hunters is one of the most anticipated movies of 1996. Acting of Steve Makaj, Erin Fitzgerald, Freddy Andreiuci is making this film even better. Movie length time: 98 minutes. Enjoy from watching Bounty Hunters film. Bounty Hunters story is not only a world-class must see and fast film, but it's created to be a top. What do you believe why Bounty Hunters from Drama niche got such low mark from us? Because it is really average and it is impossible to find a lot of outstanding things to watch in it. If you got a lot of boring free time and interested to spend 98 minutes of it then this film of year 1996 is your opportunity to spend it in a little bit more enjoyable way. But in our humble opinion, the acting of Steve Makaj in main role and famous Steve Makaj, Erin Fitzgerald, Freddy Andreiuci in other roles isn't cool at all. I absolutely loved this movie. It was sharp, action filled and touching. Also delivering humor when needed, but it was a comparably dim film. All of the actors expressed good performances and the actors continue to be perfectly suited. This is easily one of the best films ever made. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you are going to like this action.

Bounty Hunters film is a really decent movie, filled with some dynamic moments.

Dynamic character of Bounty Hunters picture will take your attention while watching it online with your family ;-) or alone. Erin Fitzgerald is acting in this Action film so fantastic and this is why you will enjoy watching it every time! It is a fantastic film and doesn't give you a headache. This film has so much fantastic moments, you will not regret.

Films in Action genre bring you a lot of nice positive feelings? Then get congratulations because now u have just found one of the best films of year 1996 in this genre. Bounty Hunters is a very cool movie and there are so many wonderful actors like Erin Fitzgerald, Steve Makaj, George Erschbamer, Michael McMillan, Ashanti Williams who are playing their roles so likely. Running time of the movie is 98 minutes that give you an chance to get delight seeing impressive scenes with Erin Fitzgerald in the main role.

Really loved it, and without checking other opinions or being influenced by any other review, on see it and hoping I hadn't wasted my money, and wow I liked it!

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